At NewYork-Presbyterian, we stretch the limits of what is possible every day. But what many may not know is that we bring all those possibilities to children. We can proudly say that some of our most amazing accomplishments are with our smallest patients.

Yet, it’s not as simple as shrinking our vast technical capabilities down to child-size. Children are not just little adults. Their diseases are different. Their daily lives and activities are different. But perhaps most important, with a child for a patient, you have in your hands a life waiting to be lived, and the knowledge that a family’s future will be defined by the outcome of what you do.

Both the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and the Komansky Center for Children’s Health are nationally recognized centers for pediatric care. Our physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians, and support staff are trained to address the specific needs of children, from the most routine checkup to the diagnosis and treatment of a complex illness. They learn to read between the lines and understand what kids are trying to tell them. They understand the incredible vulnerabilities and fears children have. Of course, parents’ and siblings’ lives are disrupted as well, so we try to treat the needs of the entire family.

We help them understand procedures and what to expect. We provide emotional support. Simply put, we care for everyone in the family and involve them in the plan to care for the patient.

What’s more, as the teaching hospital for two Ivy League medical schools, Columbia and Weill Cornell, we’re using research to advance the field – and we’re training the next generation of specialists who will take the care of children to yet more amazing places.

The bottom line is: You’ll do anything for your kids. So will we.

Best Children's Hospitals - U.S. News & World Report
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